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“It’s not between innings that is hurting anything,” Graham said. “It’s what is going on during the game.”

Stanford coach Mark Marquess said he’s open to ideas that make the game better, but he believes the changes shouldn’t be rushed. He said conferences should decide if they want to experiment with time limits rather than implementing it in one fell swoop.

The rules committee also proposed a slight change to the obstruction rules. Previously, any contact between a fielder and runner could be called obstruction unless the fielder had possession of the ball. In the new proposal, a fielder who has established himself will be provided the opportunity to field the throw without penalty.

Also, home-run celebrations will be curtailed. The rules committee said players cannot greet the home-run hitter at home plate and instead can go no farther than the warning track area outside the dugout, or about 15 feet.

“The idea is to keep the excitement of the game, keep the enthusiasm, which is great for college ball,” Halpin said. “But let’s move it away from the plate and give the pitcher and catcher their space.”

Texas coach Augie Garrido said he’s heard no complaints about teams being disrespectful when celebrating.

“Absolutely it takes some of the fun out,” Garrido said. “The umpires are going to have a hell of a time carrying around a tape measure to determine what 15 feet is. Next year they’ll probably have a line there that you can’t cross on a home run.”