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Over the course of the week, activists have slammed the rich G-8 countries for failing to deliver on a commitment to ensure that everyone infected with HIV and AIDS gets treatment by 2010.

In 2005, G-8 leaders committed to developing and implementing an Africa-focused package for HIV prevention, treatment and care with the aim of getting “as close as possible to universal access to treatment for all those who need it by 2010.” They reaffirmed and broadened their commitment a year later.

But a G-8 accountability report from last month’s summit of world leaders in Canada acknowledged that the “universal access targets with respect to HIV/AIDS will not be met by 2010.”

Earlier Friday, the U.N.’s top investigator on torture and punishment warned delegates that overcrowded prisons are breeding grounds for AIDS.

Often, inmates are held in inhumane conditions in which the HIV virus is spread through the use of non-sterile drug injection equipment, sexual contacts, tattooing and sharing of razors, Manfred Nowak said.



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