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“If you boil all that down, what this case is ultimately leaves you with is lies,” Kuhn said.

Sypher filed a report with the Louisville police department in June 2009 accusing Pitino of rape in 2003. Federal prosecutors say the police report was in retaliation for Pitino reporting the alleged extortion attempt to the FBI.

State prosecutors have said Sypher’s claim is without merit. Kuhn said the report is the basis for the charge of retaliating against a witness.

Earhart said Sypher didn’t call the police after leaving Porcini because she didn’t think anyone would believe her. After telling Pitino she was pregnant, the coach made a veiled death threat, Earhart said.

“He makes a suggestion of something having to do with concrete shoes and a river if this matter can’t be resolved,” Earhart said.

FBI special agent Steven Wight told jurors about three meetings in February 2009 between Pitino and Sypher in which the coach asked about the threatening phone calls. Wight said Sypher denied knowing who made the calls.

The agent said Pitino also asked Sypher what would “make her life easier.” Wight didn’t give context for comment.

At the third meeting, all of which took place at the University of Louisville basketball practice center, Sypher asked Pitino for a house, cars, and money. Wight said Sypher had picked out a pearl white Lexus LX470, which sold at time for $60,000-70,000.

“She said she would remain silent, be quiet, in exchange,” Wight said. “That implied that if she did not get them, she would not keep silent.”

Pitino has coached at Louisville since 2001, a job he took after leaving the NBA’s Boston Celtics, where Sypher’s estranged husband, Tim Sypher, served as special assistant to Pitino. Tim and Karen Sypher are in the midst of a divorce. They have a young daughter together.

Pitino has coached three different schools to the Final Four _ Louisville, Providence and Kentucky, where he won a national title. Along with the Celtics, Pitino also coached professionally with the New York Knicks.