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But when people from elsewhere come here, they all too often forget that ours is a nation of laws and rules, too.

You can’t sell lamb shish kebabs, vegetarian tortillas, baklava or even a cup of coffee without a local permit. And you can’t charge for a shave, haircut or shoe shine without a license.

States have legal burdens as well.

It falls to the various states, for example, to decide who gets licensed to operate a motor vehicle. States also decide, within the parameters of federal oversight, if a person who, say, murders another human being will be punished with an execution.

That’s where Exhibits No. 1 and 2 come in.

The federal government is primarily responsible for deciding who can and cannot enter America’s clearly defined borders and what happens to immigrants who break our laws.

Arizonans, however, became overwhelmed because the federal government was lax on enforcement. So, they decided to play backup.

The Arizona law that was supposed to be implemented on Thursday would have forced everyone to prove his or her identity.

Mr. Holder said the law undermines federal authority. A federal judge agreed. Now illegal immigrants are joining in a hallelujah chorus.

How un-American.

Mr. Holder is the son of an immigrant. His boss, President Obama, is the son of an immigrant.

Both epitomize the vision of the Founding Fathers, the forthright advocacy of Frederick Douglass and the blindfolded symbol of American justice.

Do both men need to be reminded?

It’s disheartening to see and hear people crying about their families being torn asunder because of illegal immigration.

And who among us doesn’t shed a tear when an immigrant is kicked out of school or loses employment because his or her documents are either expired or nonexistent?

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