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And during the picnic, NATO issued a statement acknowledging the deaths on Friday of two Afghan civilians, including a woman, during a joint raid with Afghan troops to arrest a Taliban deputy commander in the Kandahar area.

During the raid, an Afghan man left a compound and “demonstrated hostile intent,” NATO said. Troops opened fire, wounding the man. When troops entered the compound, they found an Afghan woman dead from stray rounds and another man wounded, the alliance said. One of the two wounded men later died.

“The joint security force, along with local elders and government officials, are working together to review this unfortunate incident,” NATO said.

Separately, NATO said an international service member was killed Friday in southern Afghanistan. Also in the south, two Afghan civilians were killed, one child was missing and three women were wounded after their car hit a roadside bomb near Qalat city in Zabul province, provincial spokesman Mohammad Jan Rasoolyar said.

In eastern Afghanistan, a joint force captured a Taliban commander and three other insurgents late Friday in Nangarhar province, NATO said. It said the commander helped members of the Pakistan-based militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba infiltrate into Afghanistan. India has blamed Lashkar-e-Taiba for the November 2008 attacks in Mumbai that killed 166 people.

In the southeastern province of Khost, police said militants from the feared Haqqani group, a Taliban faction, abducted 10 local elders and killed at least five of them.

The Haqqani militants showed up Friday night in Spera district disguised as Afghan soldiers and asked local elders to attend a meeting, provincial police chief Abdul-Hakim Ishaqzai said. There, they selected 10 men, telling them they were invited to another meeting.

Five of the elders were slain and their bodies sent to their villages Saturday, the police chief said. The others remain missing. The leader of the Haqqani gunmen was Nasrat Jamal, a well-known insurgent in the area, the police chief said.