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So Haynesworth had to start all over again and failed.

On Friday, his first shuttle took 71 seconds, so there was no need to run the second one. He’ll try again Saturday.

“He’s learning how to run it,” Wright said. “There’s a pace you have to have, a certain tempo each 25 yards, and I expect him to pass it pretty soon.”

Shanahan called the drill a “very minimal test” and that “most people could do this test in their sleep.” He said he is confident Haynesworth will eventually pass.

“I don’t want to put a guy out there before he’s ready, before I know he’s in shape,” Shanahan said. “I know it’s the best thing for him. He may not know that at this time, but I can guarantee you, the big linemen that I’ve been with, the guys that are in the trenches, they still need to be in shape.”

But this is more about proving a point than proving someone’s in shape. That was evident late in the afternoon, when Haynesworth wasn’t even permitted to take part in the team’s one-hour walkthrough in which the players wore baseball caps.

Haynesworth instead worked on conditioning drills near the field. At one point, he stood with hands on hips watching his teammates, looking like an exile who can’t join the party. Asked by a reporter if his teammates were giving him a hard time, Haynesworth used a profanity and essentially said he didn’t care.

Last year, Haynesworth would often take a knee at the ends of plays and would have to leave the game. He hasn’t played 16 games in a regular season since he was a rookie in 2002, but he has noticeably slimmed down this year.

Haynesworth, entering the second year of a seven-year, $100 million contract, stayed away from the team’s offseason program because he wanted to work with his own trainer and because he is unhappy with the switch to a 3-4 defense. He was hoping the Redskins would trade him rather than make him report to camp.

On Friday, Shanahan was clearly getting tired of having the Haynesworth matter dominate the opening days of camp. The coach wants to move on to other things.

“The next time we talk about this,” Shanahan told reporters, “is when he’s practicing with us.”

Another rule _ and one that will no doubt be followed.


AP Sports Writer Howard Fendrich contributed to this report.