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Now, Bryant will miss valuable time on the field learning the offense and working with Romo like he had in 10 practice sessions the first seven days of camp. He might not practice again until the Cowboys get back to Valley Ranch in late August, after two weeks in California.

“Hopefully he could come back sooner, but that’s a long time to be out,” Sherman said. “Hopefully through film study, meetings and those types of things, he can still have an idea, be on top of what he has to do. The only thing is physically not being able to go out and do it.”

Jones said Bryant can keep up mentally even while out rehabilitating his ankle, and has a basis on which to learn because of the time he has already had on the field.

“What he needs to do is just take advantage of the week that he had,” Jones said. “Keep up with the mental part of it, he will be ready to go when time comes for him to be out there.”

Soon after Bryant was hurt, Jones made some initial comments to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen questioning whether the rookie was being pushed too hard and the timing of the injury since it came at the end of practice when everyone was tired.

Jones insisted Saturday that he wasn’t being critical.

“What I’m being is analytical, or trying to be analytical,” he said. “This is when you all sit down and look at everything you’re doing and see if there’s some things you can do to help protect your team better, especially during this time five to six weeks from the opening game.”

Sherman described Bryant’s injury as a “one of those freak things,” and coach Wade Phillips said Scandrick was making a play on the ball, just like he would expect.