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Too many parents — in Detroit and across the nation — use the public schools as free baby sitters. They don’t give a hoot if their kids learn anything, just as long as the bus picks them up in the morning and the school provides breakfast and lunch. More’s the better if there’s an aftercare program, and best of all if it serves dinner before sending the kids home at night.

But suppose public education wasn’t a right, as our current administration defines it, but a privilege? One that came with responsibilities on the part of students and their parents?

Suppose irresponsible parents were held accountable not with the threat of jail time, but with the threat of paying out of pocket for their child’s compulsory education?

It would work, because at the end of the day, Detroit parents would do whatever it takes to assure that their child’s schooling was paid for, even if it meant showing up once in a while for a teacher conference.

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