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Mr. Chu has a research paper published online Wednesday in the scientific journal Nature. He came up with a method for seeing molecules and parts of cells smaller than had been viewed before through optical microscopes. That advancement will allow scientists to see what’s going on at the smallest scale in biology.

Mr. Chu said that working on such problems is his way of “vegging out in front of the TV.”


Obama trip to Israel ‘not on the books’

President Obama left the impression that he had accepted an invitation to visit Israel, but don’t expect the trip any time soon.

During Mr. Obama’s relationship-patching meetings at the White House on Tuesday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli leader publicly asked the president and first lady Michelle Obama to come. Mr. Netanyahu said, “It’s about time.”

Mr. Obama replied that he looked forward to it.

But on Wednesday, presidential spokesman Robert Gibbs told reporters that a trip is “not on the books for this year.” Noting that Mr. Obama visited Israel as a candidate, Mr. Gibbs didn’t commit to when - or whether - a return trip would happen.


Forum to address small-business loans

The Federal Reserve said Wednesday that it will hold a forum next week to explore ways to improve the flow of lending to small businesses.

It’s the latest effort by the Fed to tackle the problem, which dates back to the 2008 financial crisis. Congress and the White House also want banks to lend more to small businesses.

Small businesses - more so than big companies - rely on bank loans to expand operations and hire. Small businesses usually help drive job creation during recoveries, but tight credit has hurt hiring.

Leaders from small businesses, trade groups, financial institutions and others will participate in the conference Monday.

The Fed has held more than 40 regional meetings this year on the matter.

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