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“The size of development funds directed to Afghanistan have been massive and they have mainly been channeled through development and governance routes, which are precisely the main victims of corruption as it weakens state legitimacy and excludes civilians from the foundations of their own social and economic development progress,” Ms. Olofsson said.

Mr. de Mistura said the corruption is linked to “the intensity, quantity and short timeframe of the huge investments that are coming inside Afghanistan.”

“One Afghan told me, ‘Well, you know, when you get so much money, so intensely concentrated in such a short time and, on top of it, you have the feeling that you may not be there next year, the temptation becomes quite irresistible,’ ” he said.

Mr. de Mistura suggested that a longer-term involvement in the development of Afghanistan could help solve that problem.

The Obama administration also is examining contracts to ensure proper controls are in place to check corruption.