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In June, business was down 10-12 percent compared to last year, owner Tanja Cadigan said. That is proportionate to the decrease in ship visits.

“It would have to be so explosive through September to get that back,” she said. “I’m not saying that’s not possible, but its going to be a lot less money in everybody’s pockets, and in CBJ’s wallet, too.”

Cadigan said she’s hopeful that people who have booked advance tickets for late in the summer will be more willing to spend.

“The potential is there, but so far they’re holding tight,” she said. “If they spend more to get here, it may mean that they’ve only budgeted “X” number of dollars for their trip and don’t buy as many tours.”

Carnival expects significant price improvement for Alaska and European tours for the remainder of the year, and even recent events such as volcanic activity that limited European air travel and falling stock markets haven’t impeded advance bookings, said Howard Frank, Carnival’s vice chairman.

“So, to sum it up, despite the events that have occurred around the world in the last six weeks, people are still booking their vacations and our business has held up well,” he said.