- The Washington Times - Monday, June 14, 2010


Lawmaker apologizes for reaction to camera

RALEIGH | A congressman from North Carolina is apologizing for his response when two young men approached him with a video camera in Washington and asked whether he supports President Obama’s agenda.

Rep. Bob Etheridge, a Democrat, said in a statement that he regrets his reaction.

In the video posted Monday, Mr. Etheridge swats at a camera and repeatedly asks the two men to identify themselves. They say they are students. He then grabs one by the wrist and later by the back of the neck.

The video was posted Monday on websites owned by Andrew Breitbart, the conservative Web entrepreneur who also released video of workers for the community organizing group ACORN counseling actors posing as a pimp and prostitute.

Mr. Breitbart won’t name the students who recorded the video, saying he wants to protect them. He said they don’t work for him and weren’t paid.


Action urged on doctors’ pay

Medicare officials are hitting the pause button on a hefty cut in doctors’ pay required by law unless Congress acts.

President Obama urged lawmakers over the weekend to move quickly to stave off the 21 percent cut, required by a 1990s deficit reduction law that Congress has routinely waived in the past.

Medicare said Monday that it will hold claims through Thursday, giving lawmakers four more days to act. The House has approved a fix, which is pending in the Senate. The cut was technically required as of June 1, but Medicare has been holding claims in hopes that lawmakers will resolve the issue.

Doctors are not getting paid for services they provided as of June 1, but when they do, they’ll receive the full amount.


Employers on notice over health care costs

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