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According to a poll by Nivea For Men - the, uh, “official grooming supplier to the World Cup” - one in 10 soccer fans will sport “lucky pants”, one in five will watch games with a “lucky” group of friends, and 11 percent will only watch from a lucky armchair. Another 16 percent will kiss the team emblem, 14 percent will sing a soccer chant, and 8 percent will insist on having the same food and drink before each kickoff.

Meanwhile, 14 percent will hold their pint of beer in the same hand for the entire duration of a 90-minute match.


The Beltway humbly suggests this might provide the basis for a good film. Two veterans of the Office of Strategic Services - the World War II forerunner of the CIA - continue to work at the agency, still serving after 65 years.

“These men, both of whom prefer to carry on their important work in anonymity, are legends of American intelligence,” CIA spokesman George Little tells the Beltway.

“They’ve served 13 presidents and 19 CIA directors, watched the beginning and end of the Cold War and remain focused on today’s national security challenges.Their unwavering commitment is an inspiration to our work force, over half of which has joined the CIA since 9/11. We treasure their insights, experience, and enduring patriotism,” Mr. Little adds.


c 49 percent of Americans say the Democratic Party’s views have become “too liberal.”

c 12 percent of Democrats and 85 percent of Republicans agree.

c 38 percent say the party’s views are “about right.”

c 40 percent say the Republican Party’s views are “too conservative.”

c 41 percent say the party’s views are “about right.”

c 10 percent say the Democrats are too conservative,15 percent say the Republicans are too liberal.

Source: A USA Today/Gallup poll of 1,049 adults conducted May 24 and 25 and released Monday.

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