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In both instances, domestic political concerns clearly were the primary motivation for Israel pulling back military forces, yet each time, Hezbollah and Hamas dubiously claimed credit for driving out the “Zionist enemy.”

The gambit worked both times.

With Egypt temporarily opening its border with Gaza in a show of “solidarity” - an obvious pandering to its largely anti-Israel population - Hamas appears to have rebounded considerably. That’s even before Gaza receives its portion of the proposed U.S. aid package of $400 million for the Palestinians.

If President Obama is successful in breaking the economic siege of Gaza, his victory will be a Pyrrhic one. Economic revival in Gaza cannot help but reinvigorate Hamas, thus increasing terrorist attacks against Israel and dashing whatever hopes Mr. Obama himself harbored for achieving peace.

In other words, ending the economic siege of Gaza will lead to the same place as so many other paths paved with good intentions.

Joel Mowbray is a journalist living in New York City.