- The Washington Times - Friday, June 18, 2010


The only regret I have about the abrupt termination of the career of Helen Thomas is that it did not end sooner (“Hag gagged,” Comment & Analysis, June 8). From her front-row seat at presidential press conferences, one could always expect that, in addition to her out-of-control questions, she would attack Israel through various statements, showing her bigotry and intolerance for that nation.

Perhaps it was a sign she was getting a little old and careless when she made her final, recent remarks as a correspondent, suggesting — or demanding — that Jews go back to the lands where 6 million of their brethren were murdered and that Jews who have lived in Israel for millennia had no right to exist there.

Unfortunately, this statement mirrors her true pro-Arab and virulently anti-Israel sentiments during her less-than-illustrious career. Good riddance, but unfortunately, not soon enough.

Silver Spring, Md.



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