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Seven days and counting before confirmation hearings begin on Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan. Broadcasters such as PBS are already planning “gavel to gavel” coverage of Miss Kagan’s appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Her confirmation is expected by most insiders, punctuated by recent, impeccably timed releases of tens of thousands of documents showcasing her time in service to the Clinton administration.

These documents show that Miss Kagan is a “political operative,” says Carrie Severino, chief counsel to the Judicial Crisis Network, “with disdain for the Second Amendment and the National Rifle Assoc., concern for currying favor with gay and lesbian groups, and support for judges who will decide cases by giving an edge to ‘the underdog’ and interpreting the Constitution as a ‘living,’ malleable document.”

Ms. Severino adds, “This is in stark contrast to the way the John Roberts and Samuel Alito nominations were handled. Documents for those nominees were released truly as available — on every day of the week and not only at the low points in the news cycle.”


• 92 percent of Americans say the Gulf oil spill is “out of control.”

• 89 percent say the oil spill will affect their families, either directly, or indirectly.

• 63 percent favor amending the law to raise the liability limits on BP’s damage payments to spill victims.

• 51 percent say the Gulf will eventually “recover,” 49 percent say it will “never recover.”

• 51 percent oppose increased offshore oil drilling, 49 percent favor it.

• 48 percent say the situation in the Gulf is getting worse, 38 percent say it is stabilizing.

• 14 percent say it is “getting better.”

Source: A CNN/Opinion Research poll of 534 adults conducted June 16.

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