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“She has learned a lot; she has done a good personal job to fit with her job; there are many years of learning there behind her,” Ms. Pringle said. “Now it’s a question of involvement and engagement in her new role. We’ll see how she does.”

The couple attended Sweden’s royal wedding in Stockholm last weekend, which sparked new rumors of a possible union.

Still, Nancy Wilson, an editor at the Riviera Reporter based in nearby Nice, France, was not convinced that a wedding is “going to happen soon.”

Ms. Wilson said the announcement may have been designed to appease those losing patience with Albert’s bachelorhood or perhaps to boost his standing among entrenched interests in Monaco who resisted his efforts to change tax and economic policies.

“He’s tried to move the principality in a direction different from his father. It’s not working,” she said. “There is negative economic press around him; this is something to take the spotlight away.”

Many subjects in Monaco want Albert, seen for years as a sort of freewheeling playboy, to settle down, get married and have children who can be heirs, Ms. Wilson said.

Miss Wittstock “fits the bill — she is kind of a celebrity in her own right,” Miss Wilson said. “They have really sculpted her image almost to be a younger Grace Kelly.”

“The Monegasques will be in excited. Who doesn’t like a wedding?” she added. “An event like that in Monaco would just be huge.”

Associated Press writer Angela Charlton in Paris contributed to this report.