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As Chelsea’s parents celebrated the passage of their bill through the Public Safety Committee on Tuesday, one of four bills supported by Amber’s father also received unanimous approval in the same committee.

Assembly Bill 33 would establish written procedures, protocols and resources for law enforcement to use as a framework when a child is reported missing.

One of the other four bills by Mr. Dubois, which would mandate that sex offenders have an identifying mark on their driver’s license or carry a special identification card, was shot down in the Transportation Committee due to concerns about stigmatizing offenders who are unlikely to commit another offense. This bill will be amended and re-presented next session.

The other two bills he is pushing are:

• Assembly Bill 34, which would require the state to file, within two hours, information about a reported missing child under age 16 to the Violent Crime Information Center and the National Crime Information Center.

• Assembly Bill 1022, which would establish within the Department of Justice the “California Missing Children Rapid Response Team” to help police when children disappear.

Those two bills will join AB33 in going before the Senate Appropriations Committee in August.