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Union Carbide Corp. was acquired by Dow Chemical in 2001.

Union Carbide and its officials were not part of the recent court case, since the original charges were divided into separate cases many years ago. This case involved the subsidiary Union Carbide India Ltd. and its officers as they managed the plant and operated it on a daily basis, said Dow spokesman Scot Wheeler.

Mr. Wheeler said Union Carbide Corp. “remains a separate company today with its own board of directors and long ago exercised its right not to appear in the Bhopal criminal proceedings as the court did not have jurisdiction over them.”

“We have sympathy for the plight of those who are victims of the tragedy and its aftermath. We would all agree that their issues do need to be addressed,” he said. “The solution to this problem, however, rests in the hands of the Indian central and state governments.”

Union Carbide Corp. sold its assets in India to an Indian company that changed Union Carbide India Ltd.’s name to Eveready Industries India Ltd. The site of the accident is now owned by a state government in India.