- The Washington Times - Friday, March 12, 2010


The recent article on President Obama’s health care bill tour (“Obama hits the road to pitch health bill” Page 1, Tuesday) reports that the president says Capitol Hill is too focused on the polls.

The piece quotes Mr. Obama as saying, “When you’re in Washington, folks respond to every issue, every decision, every debate, no matter how important it is, with the same question: What does it mean for the next election? What does it mean for your poll numbers?”

He’s finally got it right. It is about the poll numbers, because that’s the only means voters have of ensuring that their representatives actually vote the way they were sent to Washington to vote: in concert with the majority of their constituents. Too often we send representatives to Washington who, as soon as they put their feet up on their desks, seem to start believing they have been given a blank check and the right to vote however they please.

They were sent to the nation’s capital to represent the voters in their districts. If they can’t handle that simple job, they should come home so the voters can send someone else who can.


Burke, Va.



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