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I find this approach most unsatisfying. Imagine that a homebuilder presents to you a blueprint of a new house. You realize it is deeply flawed. It has two kitchens and no bathrooms. There are doors leading to nowhere. The roof is incomplete. It’s simply not a good plan. Ever brazen, the builder suggests that you pay him now, let him build it as is, and once it’s complete, he promises to bring in a remodeling crew to tear down the parts you don’t like and rebuild them to your terms - at your additional expense, of course.

If lives weren’t at stake, this would be comical. My patients deserve better. All patients do.

If your congressional representatives won’t answer these questions for you now, I’m sure you’ll give them plenty of opportunities to do so when Congress comes home in a couple of weeks. Or in November.

Dr. Milton R. Wolf is a radiologist in Kansas. He is President Obama’s second cousin once removed.