- The Washington Times - Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I am horrified by Anath Hartmann’s March 15 column (“No more green government,” Opinion). Obviously, she missed the point about how important it is to teach children where their food comes from. Perhaps she has confused the kitchen with the drive-through window. Maybe she needs to spend a day with the kids while they’re working in the garden to see what they’re learning.

For starters, they are applying their classroom studies in such a way that they will remember what they learn. Second, they are getting exercise, and third, they are learning what work is all about. Too many children around the country have no desire to break a sweat. These gardens are instilling a work ethic and a level of responsibility that many children never learn at home. Kudos to the teachers and the state of California.


Asheboro, N.C.



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