- The Washington Times - Wednesday, March 24, 2010


While the White House hand-feeds bipartisan support for an immigration bill legalizing millions of illegal immigrants working in unskilled jobs, other nations are actively campaigning to attract highly skilled Americans with offers of citizenship and jobs, especially in information technology, aeronautical engineering, business and health.

These are nations without soaring deficits and with stronger economies, abundant natural resources and a good manufacturing and research base.

Greener pastures are beckoning to our best and brightest - doctors, engineers, business entrepreneurs.

There’s no way out of this economic mess - why stay with a sinking ship? Not only were Americans duped into a health care catastrophe they cannot pay for, our brilliant Congress is losing the economic base it needs to pay for its future shenanigans. Instead, Congress should try bleeding all the millions of immigrants it plans to legalize.

Yes, President Obama, you proved you can bring down a nation and corrupt her people. You call that a political victory - for whom?


Richmond, Va.



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