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Anti-tax group backs GOP Senate candidate

An influential anti-tax group on Wednesday snubbed the Republican establishment pick challenging Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid and endorsed a “tea party”-backed candidate.

The Club for Growth political committee announced its support for Nevada Assemblywoman Sharron Angle over former state GOP chairwoman Sue Lowden, who has stumbled after suggesting that patients should barter for health care with chickens.

“Sharron Angle is the true economic conservative in the Nevada Senate race, a candid, common-sense leader with the courage to stand up against liberal big spenders in both parties,” said Club for Growth President Chris Chocola, a former Indiana Republican congressman.

Mr. Reid is lagging in polls behind a crowded cast of Republican hopefuls, which also includes Danny Tarkanian, son of former University of Las Vegas basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian.

The primary is June 8.


Retailers urged to welcome stamp users

Attention, food-stamp recipients: Your business is appreciated.

The Agriculture Department announced Wednesday it will encourage grocery stores and other retail outlets that accept food stamps to post signs reading “We Welcome SNAP Benefits.” The move is part of an effort to decrease the stigma of using government food assistance in a tough economy.

SNAP is an acronym for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, a recent name change designed to get away from the loaded phrase “food stamps.”

Government food aid has grown in record levels over the last several years as the economic downturn has hurt families’ bottom lines. Estimated spending on all domestic food-assistance programs increased more than 80 percent over the last three years.


Kagan hearings to start June 28

The Senate Judiciary Committee chairman moved quickly Wednesday to advance Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan down a so-far smooth road to confirmation, setting hearings for June 28.

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