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Aadith Moorthy, 13, of Palm Harbor, Fla., came out on top Wednesday as 10 boys faced off in a battle of world knowledge for the championship round. He wins a $25,000 college scholarship and a trip to the Galapagos to experience geography firsthand.

The finalists beat out nearly 5 million students who took part in state and local competitions to make it to Washington for the bee, hosted by Alex Trebek. Students from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, U.S. territories and the military competed.

Second-place finisher, Oliver Lucier, 13, of Wakefield, R.I., will take home a $15,000 scholarship. Karthik Mouli, 12, of Boise, Idaho, came in third to win a $10,000 scholarship.


Space Shuttle Atlantis lands for final time

CAPE CANAVERAL — Space Shuttle Atlantis returned from its final voyage Wednesday, closing out a quarter-century flying career and safely bringing back six astronauts from a successful space station mission.

“Twenty-five years, 32 flights and more than 120 million miles traveled. The legacy of Atlantis now in the history books,” Mission Control’s commentator announced at touchdown.

About 1,200 guests, the maximum number allowed, lined the Kennedy Space Center runway for the conclusion to NASA’s third-to-last shuttle flight. Employees wore white ribbons with the name “Atlantis” and its picture embossed in gold. Even the lead flight directors came in from Houston for the event.

“That was pretty sweet,” Mission Control radioed after Atlantis glided through a clear morning sky. “That was a suiting end to an incredible mission.”


11 arrested in college party melee

LEWISTON — An alcohol-fueled party for college seniors to blow off steam turned rowdy early Wednesday, leading to 11 arrests, an officer with a broken leg and student complaints about police overreaction.

The gathering that began late Tuesday was part of a Bates College senior tradition called “return to your freshman dorm.”

Lewiston police were summoned by campus security after some of the 200 to 250 partiers declined to get out of the way of an ambulance that had been called to care for two injured women, police said. Nearly half of the group cleared out, but police said some refused to obey orders.

Officers never resorted to Tasers but used pepper spray after 100 to 150 students refused to disperse, Lewiston Police Chief Michael Bussiere said. He also said at least one officer used a baton.

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