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The other key prosecution witness, the master-at-arms at the base in Anbar province, also gave varying statements, according to press reports from the trial. Other SEALs rebutted his version of events.

Monica Lombardi, who represented Petty Officer Huertas, said that Abed’s testimony, which will be played at Petty Officer McCabe’s trial via a video deposition, is simply not believable.

“After the trial, I spoke to the members of the jury, and they did not believe the terrorist at all,” Ms. Lombardi said. “They said his testimony was a complete lie. He basically claimed there was a beat-down. ‘Oh, they beat me on my shoulders and my back, and my stomach and they kicked me in my legs.’

“I have the photographs that were taken about the day after this alleged beat-down, and there were no injuries,” she said. “And I had argued to the jury if a bunch of Navy SEALs was kicking and punching him, he would really be in bad shape. And obviously, he wasn’t.”

Ms. Lombardi also discounted the testimony of Petty Officer Kevin DeMartino, the master-at-arms who says he saw Petty Officer McCabe strike Abed.

“With the petty officer who claimed to see the one punch, I discredited his testimony,” she said. “There were too many inconsistencies in his testimony that the jury could really rely on that. So the jury just said it was not even close. There was just so much doubt to the story. He claimed to have conversations with other members of the team that were out there. … He said, ‘I told them I saw some abuse.’ Three people said when they testified that conversation never happened.”