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Mr. Towler had been serving a life sentence for the rape of a girl in a Cleveland park in 1981. Prosecutors received the test results Monday and immediately asked the court to free him.


Lawmakers fail to override veto

OKLAHOMA CITY — A group of Oklahoma state senators have failed to override their governor’s veto of a bill that would exempt firearms and ammunition produced and kept in the state from federal regulations.

The Republican-controlled Senate voted 28-16 on Wednesday with 36 votes needed to override Gov. Brad Henry’s veto of the “Oklahoma Firearms Freedom Act.” There was no debate.

Republican state Sen. Randy Brogdon, who is running for governor, vowed to try again to override the veto.

The bill says firearms, gun accessories or ammunition made in Oklahoma would not be subject to interstate commerce laws and federal regulations if they remain in the state.

Mr. Henry, a Democrat, warned the bill would give criminals easy access to a wide array of weapons.


Tasered fan apologizes to Phillies

PHILADELPHIA — A lawyer representing a teenager Tasered by police after running onto the field at Philadelphia’s Citizens Bank Park said the teen and his family apologize to the Phillies and the community.

Attorney Steven O’Meara said in a statement Wednesday that Steven Consalvi, 17, “knows that he committed a foolish act and is truly sorry for his actions.”

Mr. O’Meara said the family wants to apologize to the fans, the team, the Philadelphia Police Department and ballpark security workers.

He said the family hopes that people understand “teenagers do impulsive things.”

At a game against the Cardinals on Monday, police used a stun gun to subdue the teen after he jumped onto the field and ran around in circles in the outfield.

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