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BOSTON — A lawsuit accusing Lorillard Tobacco Co. of trying to entice black children to smoke has gone to trial in Boston.

The son of a Boston woman who died of lung cancer in 2002 is suing the maker of Newport cigarettes, claiming the company lured his mother to begin smoking at age 13 by giving away free samples at the housing project where she lived.

But an attorney for North Carolina-based Lorillard said in opening statements Friday there is no evidence that the company gave away cigarettes to children at the Orchard Park housing project in Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood.

The company’s attorney also argued that it was Marie Evans’ choice to start smoking and to continue smoking, despite warnings from her doctors, for 40 years.


$129 million ticket bought at porn shop

LANSING — It’s “Team Victory” all right.

A $129 million Powerball lottery ticket sold at an urban porn shop is being split by members of a group primarily from southeast Michigan.

The group calls itself “Team Victory.” A representative wasn’t saying Friday whether the winning ticket was bought inside Uptown Book Store or at an outside, walk-up lottery ticket window frequented by many in the depressed Highland Park neighborhood.

Mike Greer of Farmington Hills also wouldn’t describe the group members or how they know each other.

Mr. Greer picked up the check Friday. He says he didn’t buy the ticket himself or know how it was purchased. He also says that doesn’t matter to the group members.

The ticket was bought just outside Detroit for the Nov. 6 drawing.


Police think they found body of missing girl

HICKORY — Grim police trying to solve the disappearance of a 10-year-old North Carolina girl confirmed Friday what they’ve long suspected: The freckle-faced child with a prosthetic leg and bone cancer is dead.

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