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“We had all the tools we needed to beat Dallas,” Smith said. “We’ve got a group of players that are very well-versed in the system they play. They’re very comfortable with each other. We have two extremely good forwards who work well together and who are very creative. We have strength coming of the bench at important moments who can keep the momentum going.

“We’re very comfortable in how we play, and we’ll be very capable of putting this team under pressure,” Smith said. “No doubt.”

The forecast for Sunday’s game calls for a high of 44 with a few showers, conditions that would seem to favor Colorado.

But if naysayers, Real Salt Lake and the Galaxy couldn’t rattle Dallas, odds are bad weather won’t either.

“If you can’t get motivated for a MLS Cup, you have bigger issues than anything,” Hartman said. “This is what you dream about. This is an opportunity to do something you’ve worked your entire life for. You’ve got one more week, you’re going to lay it all on the line and do whatever you possibly can to help this team win.”