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Justice said Ring and his co-conspirators identified public officials who would assist them and their clients, and then groomed them by providing things of value with the intent of making them more receptive to requests on behalf of their clients in the future.

The things of value, the government said, included all-expenses-paid travel, meals, drinks, golf outings, as well as tickets to professional sporting events, concerts and other events, and an employment opportunity for the wife of a congressman - which were often billed to Ring’s and Jack Abramoff’s clients.

The government said Ring’s corrupt actions resulted in his clients receiving, among other actions, $14 million in congressional transportation appropriations and an additional $7 million from the Justice Department to build a jail.

Abramoff pleaded guilty in January 2006 to honest-services fraud, conspiracy to commit honest-services fraud, and tax evasion.

He was sentenced in September 2008 to 48 months in prison and has since been released to home detention while working at a Baltimore pizzeria.