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The complex was part of a planned athletic village that was to be funded through Pickens‘ big donation and subsequent investment, but those plans stalled due to the recession.

Athletic director Mike Holder started accepting bids for the project in October, but then called off the process to rework the plans to fit the school’s budget.

“That’s coming up,” Pickens said. “Holder’s working on it every day. He’s going to get it solved here at some point.”

It’s been a season of milestones for Oklahoma State, including its first wins at Texas and Texas Tech since 1944. Pickens attended the Cowboys‘ 33-16 win at Texas on Saturday on the sly, passing up a few invitations from friends who wanted him to come along.

“It was a great day,” he said, noting that he would have been 16 years old the last time OSU won in Austin. “I loved it.”

With a win Saturday at Kansas, the Cowboys would match a school record with 10 wins and reach that total for the first time in the regular season.

After that comes a showdown with No. 16 Oklahoma in the Nov. 27 Bedlam rivalry with a spot in the Big 12 championship game on the line.

“You never get a home run if you don’t get up to bat. I can tell you that we’re up to bat now,” Pickens said. “We’re at the plate and we’ve got a chance to make it an unbelievable year for OSU. If we don’t make it, we’ll be back next year.”