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But not everyone thinks the business community has it so bad. Eddie Vale, spokesman for the AFL-CIO, pointed to soaring corporate profits as proof that industry concerns are being exaggerated.

“They’re jumping up and down, saying the sky is falling, but a lot of this stuff is common sense,” he said, adding that business groups have long opposed reasonable regulations by arguing they would destroy the business climate. “This is the same stuff that they’ve been saying for hundreds of years.”

On Wednesday, Chamber of Commerce President Thomas J. Donohue warned of a “regulatory tsunami” from the Obama administration in the coming months, yet he downplayed the rift with the White House as “overblown.” Citing an appearance by Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner at the business lobby’s board meeting, Mr. Donohue pledged to work with the administration when the two sides can agree.

Mr. Danner, noting that Mr. Obama earlier this week put out a proclamation recognizing “National Entrepreneurship Week,” has an idea Mr. Obama could pursue as an olive branch.

“Pardon an entrepreneur, and say that he or she will be pardoned from higher health care costs and higher taxes,” he joked.