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The latest Federal Election Commission filings through Sept. 30 also confirm the bonus payment and the monthly payments to that date.

Led by Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, the outgoing RGA chairman and a former RNC chairman, Republican governors meeting here have been huddling over ways to block the re-election of Mr. Steele, who has made conflicting statements to friends and in public as to whether he will seek a second term.

After Mr. Steele won election as national chairman in January 2009, he brought along Mrs. Cook, his longtime personal assistant, and gave her a salary nearly three times what her predecessors made.

Mrs. Cook’s son, Lee, also landed an RNC job.

Mr. Steele hired another friend of his family, Angela Sailor, to be the party’s outreach director with an annual salary of $180,000, more than double her predecessor’s compensation, according to Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings reported by The Times in May 2009.

“These salaries we hear about are way out of line for what staff should be paid for working for a political party, which most of us think of as a cause,” former Hawaii Republican Party Chairman Willis Lee said in 2009. “And if certain staff at the national committee are making that much, then the public understandably might think they are examples of cronyism.”

According to figures that the RNC filed with the FEC for March 2009, Mrs. Cook earned $7,134.66 that month after withholding for federal and state taxes as Mr. Steele’s personal assistant, which would amount to $85,615.92 for the year. That amount was almost three times the $2,436.74 that the person who held the same post under RNC Chairman Mike Duncan took home after taxes, FEC reports showed.

Mrs. Cook’s son, Lee Cook, earned $3,251.77 in March 2009, about $39,000 per year after taxes, according to the FEC.

The salary paid to Ms. Sailor, a former White House aide, was $180,000 per year before taxes or $40,000 more than the $140,000 paid to Jan Larimer, who as the elected RNC co-chairman holds the RNC’s second-highest elective post behind Mr. Steele.

Ms. Sailor’s salary was also $97,000 more than the $83,000 Mr. Duncan paid to his outreach director, Shannon Reeves. But the RNC said then that Ms. Sailor’s job had been upgraded from what the position was under Mr. Duncan.

“The Coalitions Department is a new RNC division created by Chairman Steele as part of his commitment to creating sustained communications with every constituency,” the RNC said then. “The director of coalitions will work to recruit and support Republicans by targeting messages to identified publications, events and emerging issues in communities where the party has opportunities to grow.”