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The youth said that in the course of the robbery, 47-year-old Wilson looked as if he might “attack” him, andClay dropped the gun. It fired, hitting the man who said he was Clay’s cousin. Clay told police that man picked up the gun and fired the fatal shot, according to court papers.

Police arrested Clay on an outstanding juvenile custody warrant, meaning he had absconded from custody. Police said Clay was also involved in an assault with intent to rob that occurred in the 2300 block of Good Hope Road in Southeast on Aug. 19 - three days before Wilson was robbed and killed.

His trial has not been scheduled.

Torian Adams, 18

It was about 2 1/2 hours past midnight on June 27. Torian Adams had turned 18 years old the previous day. He was hanging out with another 18-year-old, Nathan Headspeth, at 17th and Euclid streets in Northwest, long known as a gang hot spot. He wore a fitted Atlanta Braves baseball cap, white Nike Air Force sneakers, a dark blue shirt and tight jeans.

According to court papers, when 20-year-old Victor Mba-Jonas Jr. of Laurel, Md., and a companion walked onto the block, they were subtly challenged.

Either Adams or Headspeth simply said: “What’s up with y’all?”

Mba-Jones’ companion would tell police that Adams and Headspeth followed them. And Adams had a gun in his left hand. He said that Adams raised it and aimed at them.

Multiple shots were fired, and Mba-Jones was hit. He spent nearly a month in the hospital before he died.

Surveillance cameras caught footage of Adams and Headspeth before and after the murder but not the shooting itself. A search of Adams’ home turned up suitcases containing dark clothes and the distinctive sneakers and Braves cap he was wearing in the camera footage. The outfit also matched a description provided by Mba-Jones companion.

Seventeen days before the killing, police had Adams in custody. Officers responded to a call about an armed man four blocks from the location where Mba-Jones would be shot - the same block where Adams’ mother had lived since 1984.

Adams fled on a bicycle. They caught him and arrested him for allegedly assaulting a police officer.

His trial for Mba-Jones’ killing has not been scheduled.

Jefferey Britt, 17

It began at a funeral.

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