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An FEC audit shows that Mr. Biden’s campaign debts include an estimated $219,005 owed to the U.S. Treasury.

Auditors came up with that total after finding the Mr. Biden campaign accepted donations over the legal limit, failed to deal with refund checks that donors didn’t cash, and accepted illegal corporate help by paying less than it should have for a private plane flight.


Trial set in last Abramoff case

A former congressional aide is scheduled to go on trial in January in the last pending case from the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal.

Fraser Verrusio, a former aide to Alaska’s Republican Rep. Don Young, is accused of taking an all-expenses-paid trip to a 2003 World Series game from lobbyists at Abramoff’s firm.

Prosecutors say Mr. Verrusio then helped an equipment rental company represented by Abramoff’s team to get an amendment it wanted in a highway bill.

Twenty lobbyists, congressional figures and Bush administration officials have been convicted in the Abramoff investigation. A judge on Friday scheduled Mr. Verrusio’s trial to begin Jan. 25 in Washington.

The Justice Department will not comment on whether any more charges are pending. The last indictment was over a year ago.