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“Sometimes it gets so loud,” former Kansas guard Ryan Robertson once said, “you can’t feel your feet hit the floor.”

Not every win during the streak has been a runaway. There was a 76-72 overtime squeaker against Arizona, a 5-point win over Cornell and a 66-61 scare against Colorado, to name a few.

“There have been numerous games where we could have easily gone the other way,” said Self. “I really think the fieldhouse and the fans _ things that were external from the players _ had a lot to do with giving us the energy to pull those games out.”

Lesser players would never have won 62 in a row in any building.

Still, it’s a special place.

“I don’t know _ there’s just something about it,” said senior guard Tyrel Reed. “When we come to the fieldhouse, I don’t feel like we can be beat. It doesn’t matter who we’re playing. I don’t care if it’s an NBA team, we’d come out here and play hard.”

Senior guard Mario Little recalls the first time he ran through the tunnel.

“There were all these people screaming, and for me? I didn’t really get it. But I get it now. It’s just a different feeling to run out of the tunnel and all the fans are chanting your name and rooting you on. It’s a different feeling.”