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Randy Moss was open a few times against the Redskins, and Fisher said Young had some incorrect reads _ rare public criticism of a player by the coach. Once injured, Fisher noted Young sailed one pass into the kicking net as he tried to test his heavily taped thumb.

“If I thought Vince could go out and give us the best chance to win, then he would’ve gone back on the field,” Fisher said. “I was not going to put him on the field, knowing ahead of time he had an injury that would prohibit him from throwing accurately.”

Fisher said he isn’t worried that being challenged by Young after the game will have any impact on his control of the locker room. Even with three straight losses, Tennessee is only a game back of Jacksonville (6-4) and Indianapolis (6-4) in the AFC South with five divisional games down the stretch.

“That issue’s over with. I discussed it with the team,” Fisher said. “We’re coming back ready to work on Wednesday.”

Asked if frustration had been building with Young, Fisher said no.

“All I’ve done here since Vince has walked through the door is try to help him be to the best player he can be and stood behind him and defended him from the get-go, so there’s no frustration,” Fisher said.

Fisher, in his 16th season, is the longest tenured coach in the NFL and has a no-nonsense reputation. But Young is the player Adams essentially watched grow up in Houston, where the owner stayed when his team relocated to Nashville. Adams declared after grabbing Young in the 2006 draft that “VY is my guy.”