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“I think everyone has assumed that by now,” an editor told me at a major metropolitan newspaper in California. “They would have charged him by now if they thought he really did it. I think everyone knows that.”

I did a quick search on the Internet, but I couldn’t find a single story that reported Mr. Condit had been cleared. After all, it seemed perfectly fine to imply Mr. Condit was guilty when there was no evidence or sources saying that, but now that there were police sources saying he was cleared, no one seemed to care.

“I think the press should have covered Gary’s innocence as much as they implied his guilt the moment anyone realized the police had cleared him, Chad Condit said. “We hope at least this verdict brings some peace to the Levy family even though there’s probably no way they can get over what’s happened to them. Hopefully now, the real story will finally be told and the press will clear Gary Condit of murder.”

Jeffrey Scott Shapiro is a former Washington, D.C., prosecutor and investigative reporter who worked for the Globe tabloid until he reported his editors to the FBI.