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Lewis will eventually call it a career, but that day is apparently so far away that he can’t even bring himself to grasp the concept.

“I’ve got a heck of a group of guys right now that if I wanted to, they won’t let me. And I haven’t even thought about it,” he said. “The game is too good. Anytime you can be as healthy as I am in your 15th year, it just says, ‘Thank you Father for another opportunity.’

“I don’t look past tomorrow. That’s my message not just to football players, but people in general. We rush to tomorrow so quickly, we forget about living in today. Right now it’s about today, and right now we’re 7-3 and sit in a heck of a position. And I’ve got a heck of a team on my shoulders that I’d go to battle with any day of the week. That’s my job as a leader, to get us ready to go.”