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The Redskins’ Donovan McNabb, on a conference call with Minnesota reporters, offered his own argument for quarterback input.

“That’s how you grow together in any system,” McNabb said.

The Vikings aren’t about to change the West Coast system that Childress brought from Philadelphia. Bevell is a disciple of that scheme, too, so any of the adjustments made over the final six games are likely to be subtle.

“I can’t envision that much changing,” wide receiver Greg Camarillo said. “Both coordinators are the same and all the personnel is the same.”

Frazier said linebackers coach Fred Pagac will call the defense, with input from defensive line coach Karl Dunbar and defensive backs coach Joe Woods, while he focuses on the supervisory duties that come with being the head coach.

“I do feel comfortable with doing it, and I’ll do some things in the days to come to prepare and be a little bit sharper than I’ll need to be,” Frazier said. “But there’s nothing like game experience, so I’ll get some of that on Sunday.”

As for Favre’s commitment to finishing the season, well, he scoffed at any speculation that he might quit early.

“How could you in my position not want to go out and play well? I have just a ton of pride,” Favre said.

Without mentioning the foot, ankle and shoulder injuries listed on this week’s injury report, Favre said he was fighting an illness.

“That’s what happens when you get older,” Favre said.