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Miller urged to ‘move on’

ANCHORAGE | The Republican who lost the 2008 U.S. Senate race in Minnesota after a prolonged recount says Alaska’s Senate race is over and GOP candidate Joe Miller should move on.

Former Sen. Norm Coleman told C-SPAN that there is not much to be gained by extending the process.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski, Alaska Republican, mounted a write-in bid after losing the primary to Mr. Miller. She declared victory after a write-in count showed her with a 10,328-vote lead, a total that includes 8,159 contested ballots. Mr. Miller is challenging the outcome in court.

Mr. Coleman told C-SPAN that “you have to have some finality to these things. It should be time to move on.”

C-SPAN provided excerpts of Mr. Coleman’s interview ahead of “Newsmakers” airing Sunday.


Obama doesn’t focus on Palin

President Obama says he respects Sarah Palin’s political skills but hasn’t thought about the possibility of facing her in the 2012 presidential election.

Mr. Obama said Mrs. Palin “has a strong base of support in the Republican Party,” but that he spends most of his time focused on being “the best possible president.”

In an interview taped Wednesday with ABC’s Barbara Walters, the president said that if he does a good job “the politics will take care of itself.”

Mrs. Palin, the 2008 Republican vice-presidential nominee, said last week that she’s considering a presidential run. When asked whether she thought she could defeat Mr. Obama, the former Alaska governor replied, “I believe so.”


Governor jokes on late-night TV

TRENTON | Gov. Chris Christie said again that he’s not planning to run for president in 2012 and suggested that Sarah Palin won’t get the job, either.

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