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Just like Namath in his prime, everyone always wants to know what Sanchez is up to now. Who’s he dating? What Broadway show is he seeing next? What kind of endorsement deals is he signing off on?

“To be able to come into that atmosphere, that environment in New York, with the monster that the media is there,” Ochocinco said, “and to be successful and to be able to carry that weight on your shoulders … he’s handling it perfect, man.”

Namath agrees, saying Sanchez has proven himself to be a humble guy who thrives in pressure.

“I see his intensity when he’s playing and his love for the game and respect for his teammates, big-time,” Namath said. “The spotlight, it can draw him away from the focus, but he hasn’t allowed that to happen. He’s learning on his feet and he’s doing a wonderful job of it.”

Win after thrilling win.