Broncos CB Goodman worried about injuries

Last season Goodman had five interceptions, 17 pass breakups and his first career sack.

The run of good fortune ended against Seattle, when he pulled up lame while covering a crossing route, hopping to the sideline to get medical attention. Goodman said he tried to come back too quickly against Baltimore on Oct. 10, when he lasted just a handful of snaps.

“Going into the ball game I knew there was something still there, but it was more my pain tolerance than the injury having to heal,” he said. “Obviously, I was still injured, and it just wasn’t a good decision on my part.”

Rookie Perrish Cox filled Goodman’s starting spot opposite Bailey the next two weeks but Cox suffered a concussion that prevented him from making the London trip to play the 49ers.

The timing seemed right for Goodman, who was feeling better.

“I warmed up. I felt good,” he said. “I remember running out the tunnel before introductions and doing my sprint that I always do to make sure I’m warm and I felt it then. But it went away. On the fourth play of the game on a quick screen I burst up, and my whole leg crumbled. But nothing leading up to that game would have led me to believe that would have happened.”

Complicating matters for Goodman is that while Cox has been inconsistent in his first season, it’s the veteran’s belief that the rookie has all the skills to be a superstar. And Cox could ultimately be selected as Goodman’s replacement.

But both the Broncos and Goodman have said he’s not headed for injured reserve, which would end his season. So the month of December is critical in re-establishing his place on the team.

“It’s frustrating,” Goodman said, “but the only reason I don’t get down on myself is I feel I’ve done what I should have been doing to stay healthy and to further my career.”

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