WikiLeaks cables show U.S. government trying to make world safer

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The documents also show there are several countries in the Middle East that privately support the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and that want the U.S. to stop Iran’s nuclear weapons quest, like the cable about Bahrain’s King Hamad’s admiration for the U.S. role in the conflict. Bahrain hosts a regional U.S. naval headquarters.

“He stated that U.S. involvement in Afghanistan provided a golden opportunity for the Afghan people to build their country’s security forces as well as their education, medical, science and trade programs and ministries,” the cable said.

“The King added that U.S. efforts should be touted more in the media. He quoted President Eisenhower, saying the ‘U.S. is soldiering for peace and not waging war’ and he understood that the U.S. was not seeking to rule over Afghanistan or Iraq. He is convinced that the U.S. is in both places to help the Afghan and Iraqi people and he was appreciative of our armed forces personnel performing their duties in places so far from home.’ “

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