- - Thursday, November 4, 2010


Report: N. Korea hacking into networks

SEOUL | South Korean media has reported that next week’s Group of 20 summit in Seoul is of enough interest to North Korea that it has been hacking its neighbor’s computer networks more often.

North Korea has a track record of provocations when world attention is focused on the rival South, and Seoul is bracing for any possible North Korean moves to sabotage the meeting of world leaders.

A South Korean newspaper reported that North Korean hackers based in China collected unspecified minor information about the summit from South Korean government networks.

South Korean officials say they can’t confirm the report.

It’s widely believed that North Korea runs a cyberwarfare unit aimed at hacking into South Korean and U.S. networks to collect confidential information and disrupt service. Last week, South Korea’s spy chief told lawmakers that North Korea has about 1,000 hackers.


China pressures countries over Nobel

OSLO, Norway | China is pressuring European governments to avoid the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony for imprisoned democracy activist Liu Xiaobo and not make any statements in support of him, several diplomats said Thursday.

The Chinese Embassy in Oslo has sent official letters to a number of European embassies in the Norwegian capital asking them not to attend the Dec. 10 ceremony, two Western diplomats said.

According to one of the diplomats in Beijing who said he has seen the letter, China cited its repeated position that Mr. Liu is a criminal for his advocacy of widespread political reforms and called the prize an interference in China’s internal affairs.

The letter also urged embassies not to issue any public statements in support of Mr. Liu on the day of the ceremony, the diplomat said.


President calls for lifting of terror warnings

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