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With Oregon and Auburn in the championship game, that so-called BCS buster invite would be to the Rose Bowl.

Last season, TCU earned an automatic BCS bid, Boise State was given an at-large bid and the two played in the Fiesta Bowl in Arizona. There’s no certainty an at-large bid would go to the Horned Frogs or Broncos this season, even if they both remain unbeaten.

Because of its proximity to Boise State and TCU, the Fiesta Bowl is a natural landing spot for those teams but it might not have room for them this season.

The Fiesta Bowl is locked into the Big 12 champion, unless that team can work its way into the national title game. Also, the Fiesta is last in line to pick at-large teams this season and it’s likely to get stuck with the automatic-qualifying Big East champion.

It seems unlikely the Orange Bowl in Miami would invite Boise State to come all the way across the country, especially if Virginia Tech wins the Atlantic Coast Conference and the automatic bid to the Orange. Bowl organizers don’t like rematches from the regular season and Boise State and Virginia Tech already played.

As for the Sugar Bowl, which would have the first two at-large picks if Auburn wins the SEC title and plays for the national championship, it always prefers to take an SEC team. TCU could make sense for the New Orleans-based bowl, but Boise State could be a stretch. Especially if a team such as Iowa or Ohio State is available with one loss.


AP Sports Writer Lynn DeBruin in Salt Lake City contributed to this report.