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“It’s really negative. I don’t like the signs. To be honest, a couple weeks ago things were cool. Two losses in a row, and, wow,” said Tom O’Neill, who makes regular trips to games with friends from Mason City, Iowa.

His group had a clear message: Cheer the uniforms and not the players or coaches who wear them.

“We love the Vikings,” O’Neill said. “We invest a lot of time. Give up a Sunday. I could be home getting my lawn that needs raked right now.”

But it was hard to find a lot of opinions that matched his. Most people were plain fed up with the guy in charge, Childress.

“He thinks he knows everything, and he doesn’t seem to know that much,” said Mike Garrison, from Peoria, Ill.

Twin Cities natives Darwin and Lisa McQuerter brought red handkerchiefs to signify their protest _ sort of a fan’s challenge flag _ of Childress. They proudly said they joined in the “Fire Childress” chants two years ago during a particularly rough game by the offense and planned to do so again on Sunday.

“He’s got to go,” Darwin said.

Andy Nedoba and Jon Wright were in another contingent from Iowa, and their friend, an Atlanta Falcons fan, wore a “Fire Brad” T-shirt, just to pile on. Nedoba said he didn’t think Childress should be fired, but neither he nor his buddies had a positive opinion.

Asked how the season has affected his view of the coach, Wright said, “It’s made me not like him.”

Fans were trying to stay patient and keep a level head.

“You’ve got to be realistic about it, too,” O’Neill said. “Fire the coach? OK, that’ll make Percy Harvin catch the ball. Yeah, fire the coach. That’ll make Greg Camarillo add 8 yards to his punt-return average. We have a knee-jerk society. An instant society. We’re 2-5: Fire Childress? Not me, man. Not me right now. In January when it’s done, then we’ll see.”