- - Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Agents cleared in imam shooting

The U.S. Justice Department said Wednesday that FBI agents acted properly when they fatally shot a Detroit Muslim cleric who brandished a gun and fired at them as they tried to arrest him last year.

FBI agents tried to arrest Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah on charges of trafficking in stolen property, illegal possession of firearms and other charges, along with some of his suspected associates at a warehouse in Dearborn, Mich., the Justice Department said.

Abdullah initially tried to escape but was cornered by dozens of FBI agents. He waved a 9mm handgun and fired three shots at a police dog that had grabbed his arm and at nearby agents, according to a 17-page report released Wednesday.

With concerns by local Muslim leaders that the agents used excessive force, the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division reviewed the shooting, checked surveillance tapes, interviewed agents at the scene and examined other evidence.

“After a thorough and rigorous investigation … the Civil Rights Division has concluded that the evidence does not reveal a violation of the federal criminal civil rights statutes or warrant further federal criminal investigation,” the report said.


IG blunts charges of Goldman report timing

The watchdog of the Securities and Exchange Commission has found no hard evidence that the SEC timed the announcement of its fraud case against Goldman Sachs to eclipse negative news about a separate case.

Inspector General David Kotz’s report Wednesday was a response to demands from congressional Republicans who had questioned the timing of the Goldman charges. The SEC announced the charges on April 16, the same day it released Mr. Kotz’s blistering report on the agency’s failure to catch R. Allen Stanford’s reputed Ponzi scheme.

But the report says that the way the SEC managed the Goldman case showed it was trying to maximize positive press coverage. Mr. Kotz’s report says the agency didn’t want a congressional panel to break the news first.

Mr. Kotz found that the SEC’s timing of its Goldman announcement was delayed a day so as not to overshadow its announcement of a settlement with investment firm Quadrangle Group.


Toomey attacks Sestak on housing

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