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N.Y. Jets (minus 3) at Denver

Another beaten-up bunch, the Broncos tend to play better in the mile-high environment. Problem is, they hardly have any starters left on defense, and the Jets are balanced with the ball.

JETS, 29-21

Indianapolis (minus 4) at Washington

Indy lost twice last season. Indy has lost twice this season already. No. 3 won’t come here.

COLTS, 27-20

Tennessee (minus 3) at Jacksonville (Monday night)

Every team in the AFC South is 3-2. Tennessee is a more solid 3-2 with more talent and no fear of road games. But it will be tight.

TITANS, 17-16

San Diego (minus 7 1/2) at St. Louis

So far, the Chargers have been abysmal on the road, especially at the end of games. Last we looked, this is a road game, so it will be closer than the talent levels indicate.

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