- The Washington Times - Thursday, October 14, 2010


As I watch the battle between Maryland governor candidates Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. and Martin O'Malley, I am horrified at Mr. O'Malley’s continued, arrogant mantra of job creation and saving the state from the abyss.

Mr. O'Malley seems to think he is smarter than all of us. I am further horrified that so many people still back him because he is a Democrat, and for that reason only. Particularly offensive is his reference to illegal aliens as “new Americans.” Does he not understand the meaning of the word illegal?

By continuing to elect generation after generation of progressives into office in Maryland, the citizens are enslaving themselves into generational poverty and hopelessness. Mr. O'Malley also promised that he would get control of Baltimore Gas and Electricity rates, something that never happened. I - along with many of my middle class friends - are really suffering. As small-business owners and operators, we are the people who work hard to create jobs. What about the war against small business, the tripling of the State Unemployment Insurance tax? The rest of the country has finally figured it out - what is wrong with Maryland? Mr. Ehrlich is the clear choice if we want a better life for ourselves and our children.


Owner, Act Small Business Services

Baltimore, Md.



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